Although the Commission is an independent body with a full time staff, it will not be able to achieve its objectives without the fullest participation from the community.
Below you will find a few of the countless ways that you (as an individual or as a member of a particular organization) can contribute to the work of the Commission. Also, if you have a particular skill or idea for how to help out that we haven't listed here, please don't hesitate to contact the Commission office - everyone's gifts and talents are needed!
Make a statement and/or encourage people with information to do the same. Click here to find out how.
Organize a discussion with your family, faith community, civic organization, co-workers, or other group about the Commission, truth and reconciliation, Nov. 3, 1979, or any of the surrounding issues (race, economics, labor, political organizing, police-community relations, etc.). If you would like to invite Commissioners and/or staff to attend such a discussion, please call the office at (336) 275-6462, or write to [email protected] Or if you just need some help thinking about how to get a discussion started, the staff are available to provide you with any resources you might need.
Help spread the word! Join a team of door-to-door volunteers Wednesday evenings to share information about the Commission, statement taking, community focus groups, and public hearings.
Volunteer in the office. Call us at 336-275-6462.
Volunteer at the hearings! Click here to learn about the volunteer opportunities at the first public hearing.
Join the Research Team. The Commission welcomes your support and involvement. There are many opportunities for assisting with the Commission's research including serving as a statement taker in your community, helping collect documents from the library, helping us transcribe and process statements, or spreading the word about the Commission and the importance of giving statements in your community. Please contact Dr. Emily Harwell, research director, at (336) 275-6462 or to find out more.
Sign up for the volunteer e-mail list.
Stay informed about the Commission's volunteer needs as they arise!

Statement Archives
Read transcripts of public hearing statements.

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