Volunteer Opportunities
The public hearings are opportunities for invited statement givers to speak publicly about their experience of November 3, 1979 or the surrounding issues. Volunteer opportunities include set up for the hearing, welcoming table, child care, usher, display maintenance, hospitality, and clean up for a two day public hearing for the GTRC. Each shift is three hours. Each position has different responsibilities, and the volunteers will be asked to attend an hour and a half training/information session the day before the hearing. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to sign up for or have any questions about these positions.

Specific Positions:
  • Transportation Team:
    As needed. Able to drive and to pick up speakers who need transportation to the hearings and/or speaker workshop. Also may drive shuttles from parking lot to hearing space.
  • Welcome Team:
    By front doors or at table with publications. Responsible for greeting everyone that walks into the lobby. Encourages all to sign guest book and/or donation and volunteer lists. Able to answer questions about public hearing schedules, procedure, publications and donation opportunities.
  • Community Assistance Team:
    At table in lobby. Available for questioning about the Commission's process and public hearings, willing to talk to people who need to comment verbally, invites people to give statements and directs to statement takers.
  • Volunteer Coordination Team:
    Responsible for checking in with all the volunteers as they arrive and answering any last minute questions for them regarding their tasks. Coordinates the volunteers so that no position is left open throughout the hearing day.
  • Media Coordinator:
    Responsible for administering news-badges to all media personnel that did not receive one at the media gathering the night before. Able to direct media to their designated rooms (work room and interview room). Maintains list of names, organization, and contact information of all media.
  • Usher:
    Located at the entrances to the theater. Responsible for passing out pamphlets with appropriate inserts, assisting audience members to their seats if necessary, directing audience members, speakers, and media personnel to designated areas of the theater.
  • Technical Coordinator:
    Assists with set up and break down of sound technology, works with media to provide mult-box and any other sound equipment needed for broadcasting the hearings.
  • Child Care Provider:
    Experienced child care taker, preferably professional, willing to work with range of ages. Responsible for watching and entertaining children of speakers or audience members.
  • Talk-Back Wall Monitor:
    Maintains talk-back sheets and suggestion box, answers questions about hearing details, directs people to statement takers when necessary.
  • Hospitality Team:
    Maintains food and drink table for Commissioners, staff and volunteers. Receives lunch delivery. Checks water on stage at each break and refills water as necessary.
  • Speaker Coordinators:
    Responsible for greeting the speakers, reminding them to be in the speaker section of the audience 15 minutes before they are scheduled to speak, and leading them to the stage if necessary.
  • Statement Takers:
    Must be previously trained as a statement taker for the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Available to take official statement of anyone who wishes to give one at the hearing.
  • Counselors:
    Professional counselors, available for speakers or audience members who need on-site support.
Statement Archives
Read transcripts of public hearing statements.

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