TRC Talk
Produced with the support of the N.C. A&T State University TV Studio, under the direction of faculty member Bruce Clark, "TRC Talk" is the Commission's half-hour talk show. The show premiered on Greensboro Community Television (Cable 8) in May 2005. Beginning July 6, 2005, "TRC Talk" will run every Wednesday at 6:30pm and be shown again every Saturday at 10:30am. The show includes interviews with Commissioners, staff, interns and other community members as well as footage from Commission events and other content. For more information about the show, e-mail [email protected] .

Several episodes are available online:
Episode 1--Commission Swearing-In Ceremony, Part 1
Episode 2--Commission Swearing-In Ceremony, Part 2
Episode 3--Interview with Research Director Emily Harwell
Statement Archives
Read transcripts of public hearing statements.

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